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Jeff was born and raised in Iowa, as were his parents and grandparents before him. He works for an Iowa based company, owned by Iowans who are lifelong Iowan residents. It is no surprise that Iowa history takes a special place in his heart and in the hearts of those he is surrounded by. When Jeff was in college, he majored in both History and Economics, and for the last 15 years Jeff has been applying his skills to help Public Libraries, College and University Libraries, Historical Societies, Genealogical Societies, and Newspaper Publishers across Iowa, to provide long term preservation strategies.

  What Do Jeff’s Clients Have To Say?

Jane MillardLibrary Director, Jefferson Public Library, Jefferson Iowa

“Advantage and everyone who works there deserves a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work and years of dedication to digitizing so many, many years of newspapers for so many locations around the United States. It’s nice to see Advantage getting credit for this ambitious endeavor.
And thank you, also, for the shout out to libraries and all the other funding resources we work with to be able to digitize our newspapers and provide this wonderful resource for our communities. Next time I have an opportunity to visit with all the local organizations that helped make our project possible, I will share this article and show them how many archives have been preserved thanks to working with Advantage. We’re so pleased to be part of a true success story!
I know there is always more work to do, and more mountains to climb, but I wanted to take a few minutes to show my gratitude, both as a librarian, and as a family historian. You guys all great!”

Tony JahnState Archivist, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

““Advantage and the State Historical Society have had a partnership, providing microfilm services, since 2011 and they have demonstrated great professionalism - they are experts in their field. Advantage shares our passion for newspapers, the content and making them accessible to people.””

Zack KucharskiExecutive Editor, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Cedar Rapids Iowa

““Our archives are an important part of community history. They help us understand events in our community's history, help us understand contributions of generations past from a truly unique vantage point: as they were happening.
Making these archives accessible to the public is a great service to the community. But it also comes with costs. In time, portions of the archive need to be repaired because they are decaying from age. Finding resources to complete the repairs - before it is too late - is important. It's one of the reasons why we're supportive of Advantage's program to find additional partners to support this important work. We believe this approach is scalable and can lead to a comprehensive project for Iowans across the state. We're appreciative of Advantage's approach and understanding for the value of the archive and their willingness to work as true partners.”

Cynthia SweetExecutive Director, Iowa Museum Association

““The Advantage Company's Iowa History project to microfilm, digitize, and make available Iowa's newspapers to schools, libraries, and museums at no charge to the state, offers an opportunity to engage Iowans of all ages in the joy of research and discovery. Through research and the process of understanding past events, valuable 21st century skills are developed such as critical thinking, independent thinking, judgement of the accuracy and reliability of sources, analysis of conflicting evidence, awareness of multiple perspectives, interpretation, and communication. The Iowa Museum Association celebrates projects such as this, that provide historical resources to Iowans of all ages through their schools, museums, and libraries.””

  Jeff’s Recent Projects:

Community History ArchiveJeff Brown
September 21, 2017

Digital Archive Created for Ida Grove Public Library

Advantage Preservation is pleased to announce the addition of the Ida Grove Public Library as a new account. The Ida Grove Public Library was established in 1908 and has grown...
AnnouncementIAhistoryJeff BrownPreservation
February 14, 2017

Dubuque City Directories Available Online

Advantage Preservation is a division of Advantage Archives and as a Cedar Rapids based business we take an active interest in historical preservation projects in the state of Iowa. Advantage...
AnnouncementIAhistoryJeff BrownNewsPreservation
February 14, 2017

Friends of the Eddyville Public Library Launch Newspaper Archive

The historic newspaper archives of the Eddyville Advertiser, Eddyville Free Press, Eddyville Star, Eddyville Signal, and the Eddyville Tribune are now available online. This article from the Oskaloosa Herald: offers...
AnnouncementIAhistoryJeff BrownNewsPreservation
February 14, 2017

Eddyville Newspaper Archives: Opening the Digital Window to the Past

In a recent article published in the Ottumwa Courier: The story of how the Friends of the Eddyville Public Library have made it possible to now search old Eddyville newspapers...

Advantage Preservation is dedicated solely to the preservation and digital access of historical newspaper content. Working with over 500 libraries and newspaper publishers across the country, Advantage Preservation carefully captures the “first draft of history” to microfilm in accordance to ANSI/AIIM standards for 500-year preservation. In addition, Advantage provides online access to that content as an enhancement to the preservation process, making that valuable content more easily accessible.  In short: We preserve the past to ensure its future.

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We work with libraries, state and local historical societies, newspaper publishers, genealogical societies, museums, and other institutions that value history as much as we do. Our model is to focus on partnerships that bring together the rights holder, the the libraries, and the schools and provide a means to involve other like minded individuals in their community to preserve and provide access to their local history

Our experienced preservationists take pride in the care applied to preparing, inspecting and filming newspapers that can range from a few months old to papers from 2 centuries ago, and everything in between. In addition to 35mm archival microfilming services, we also  provide microfilm scanning, microfilm processing & duplication, microfiche scanning, as well as a custom online search platform for the hosting of digitized newspaper archives.

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