Nevada Library to digitize old issues of the community’s 124-year-old newspaper

The Nevada Iowa Journal announced the authorization by publisher GateHouse Iowa to allow Advantage Preservation to digitize the Nevada Journal.

Advantage account manager for Iowa, Jeff Brown, worked directly with the Nevada Public Library and the publisher to sign off on digitizing back issues of the journal dating back to 1895!

The Nevada Journal had been preserved on microfilm and available at the Nevada Public Library to patrons and staff, but now the digitized collection will be keyword searchable and accessible online from anywhere.

Nevada Library Director Shanna Speer stated that they receive “many requests that come to the library from people who are searching for information, and without exact newspaper dates, it can be difficult to find what they are looking for. By digitizing the collection — It will have a keyword search, so people should have a much easier time finding all kinds of old stories, obituaries, ads and whatever else they might be searching for that ran on the pages of the newspaper through the years.”

Speer also outlined one Advantage to using our company to do the work. “The digitization of the paper for the library will actually be done through the newspaper microfilm negatives that are owned by the State Historical Society, rather than those owned by the library. That’s because the film owned by the State Historical Society has never been used except to make a positive copy of the film. Therefore, there are no scratches or blemishes on the film, so it will allow for the best digital copy.”

The Nevada City Council unanimously approved the project with Advantage Companies at the end of April and the digitized papers will be available within a month! To read the full article visit the Nevada Iowa Journal or for additional details on the project contact account manager Jeff Brown.